Five New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, millions of us make lists of things they want to do, change or cut down on the following year; and every year we manage to fail at all (or most) of them.

It’s quite normal, really, but I believe it’s a question of preparing yourself for them, and setting yourself up to succeed.

All this can be done by:

  • Being realistic in your goals (losing 30 kilos between January and June is very difficult, for example).
  • Reminding yourself why (I want to lose 5 kilos by June because…).
  • And moving forward a little bit every single day.

With that in mind, here are five things you can really achieve in 2015.

Quitting Smoking is on many people’s agenda every New Year’s. Then make it easier on yourself: why not start cutting down on how much you smoke immediately? You smoke a packet a day? Make it 18 for two weeks; then 15 the week after. That way it won’t be that much of a shock once you quit in January.

Losing Weight doesn’t mean losing yourself. Get yourself ready by going on walks everyday with a friend and in that way, increase your stamina. Reduce the amount of snacking you do and learn to leave just that little bit in your plate from now!

Spending More Time With the Children is very important and most parents’ dream. Unfortunately, we all tend to work long hours and so we don’t get to spend as much time with them as we’d like. Nevertheless, if this is your resolution, sit down and write a list of all your commitments. See which ones you can do away with and how you could reduce the time spent on those that you can’t. Make a list of all the things you want to do with your kids (such as take them to the cinema once a month, or have a picnic) and schedule them in to your diary – just like you do everything else!

Getting a Better Job is not impossible, but if you don’t better yourself it’ll be harder. Think of ways you could improve your credentials and find out where you could do it – now!

Travelling More is a dream for a lot of people, and it’s actually quite easy to do! Start looking for cheap tickets now, and book time off as soon you can – that way, you won’t need to come up with any excuses once the time to travel is close at hand.

What do you think of James’s advice?

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