‘Thanks’ – From the Comedy Knights

With just days to go until the launch of the show, the Comedy Knights writers have extended a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the powers-that-be for continuously providing brilliant new material

The Comedy Knights’ scriptwriters took a moment out of their busy schedule yesterday to extend their warm gratitude to the island’s most powerful beings.


After all, with so much going on in the world of politics and current affairs, the Knights’ pens have barely stopped scribbling for a second, with new fodder constantly feeding into their hilarious sketches.

“What can we say?” says Steve Hili, who has this year taken an off-stage role in the Comedy Knights’ high jinx. “There’s certainly been no lack of inspiration for our 2014 version of the show. On the contrary, we still have no idea how we’re going to fit all of these larks into one two-hour show.”

On the flip side though, the Comedy Knight actors aren’t so pleased. Grumbling in the rehearsal room, comedians Pia Zammit, Thomas Camilleri, Marc Cabourdin, Colin Fitz, Chris Dingli and Jo Caruana issued a statement saying: “Resignations or no resignations, new appointments or on-going disappointments… would you all please just get on with it so we can learn our lines in time for Boxing Day?!”

The powers-that-be have yet to revert but, in keeping with recent events, it is probably the Comedy Knights writers who will be pleased with upcoming shenanigans – while the actors will be left studying rewrites until five minutes to ‘curtain up’.

Either way, audiences need not worry – hilarity is guaranteed. The Comedy Knights’ 12 Months of Funny will be performed at the Salesians Theatre in Sliema from 26th to 30th December 2014 and 2nd to 3rd January 2015, with tickets starting at €10 including complimentary reserved parking.