Interview with Neil Pantos

Date of Birth: 6th September 1982

Where do you live?  In Attard

Status: Father

Star Sign: Virgo

Main occupation: Chef

Media-related occupation: DJ – Producer

NEIL PANTOS was born in 1982 and was raised in Malta’s capital city, Valletta.  From the early years of his teens, he found himself drawn towards art and he attended the Malta Institute of Arts, where his passion and flare for creativity opened up new boundaries which then grew and flourished, as time went by.

After being exposed to electronic music and the local dance scene, Pantos never looked back.  Choosing to experience something further afield, Pantos travelled to Australia and spent a couple of years exploring what it had to offer. During his stay there, Pantos met a local producer and worked with him at the studio. He then returned to Malta with a new attitude and a hunger for music. Today, he enjoys playing for crowds of people who know their music. This has meant that he has had to keep on top of his game, at all times.

Shortly after he established his name in the local dance scene, Neil took his music to new heights in the production studio, where he released a couple of tracks with Celestial Recordings, Mind Ability Records and Brake Horse Records. He has also visited and played at new destinations, such as Ibiza, London, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne, South America and North Africa.

His real name is Neil Farrugia although very few people know that.

“I am known as Pantos and it originated from Pantolin which is a nickname that I was given at a very young age. It may sound funny, but this goes back to 15 years ago and to the first time I was about to perform in my first gig ever. The club owner sent me a message asking me for my stage name so that he could include it in a flyer. I had no idea what to say since I did not have one and nothing came to mind, so he decided to use Pantolin, which in short is, Pantos. Whilst I was playing, many people asked for Pantos. Everyone thought that he was a Greek DJ. Little did they know that Pantos was actually me,” explained NEIL PANTOS in this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

What projects are you currently working on?

At the moment, I’m organising an event called Output. This is a  local event which will only happen every other season. The reasoning behind such a title is simply a reflection of the music itself.  I am currently working with the agency Mediakode, which is based in London and also with the label, Mind Ability Records. I will soon be having more releases.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

Groove!!  The reason behind this is for my style of music. I’m not committed to just one style.  I create my own sound and consider my set whilst playing or even recording as a groovy one. In fact, that is just how people know me.

How do people react to you when you enter a large party?

I think it’s more of how I react when I enter a large party. I need time to get used to the sound system and the venue itself, and then I need to determine what the crowd is after. That is something that changes from one event, or even venue, to another. One thing is for sure, I still get excited before each set, even after all these years.

If you were a woman, do you think your career would have developed differently?

What is important is getting the contacts. It’s not a matter of being male or female, the chances are there for everyone and if you set your mind to get ahead, you still have to work hard to achieve your goal. Meeting the right people at the right time is key. Nowadays, social media gives us more opportunity, unless you are Paris Hilton :-) Music lovers know exactly what I’m on about.

How would you describe your relationship with money?

I work hard to earn money, as obviously I don’t think anyone can deny that. However, personally speaking, having money does not mean having a happy life. There are many more important values in life and these give you so much more than money does.

Can you mention a hobby on which you spend money?

I’m quite restricted when it comes to hobbies. As my work doesn’t leave much free time due to the long hours at the studio. However, without a doubt, it’s on music and then second would be travel.   When abroad, I look forward to exploring different cultures, lifestyles, food, etc. I’m lucky to say that thanks to music, I frequently manage to do what I like most.