Guess Who Are These Five Famous Santas And Win!

COMPETITION CLOSED: Thank you to all participants.

We have no winners, the correct sequence is Santa 1: George Clooney, Santa 2: Leonardo Di Caprio, Santa 3: David Hamilton, Santa 4: Barack Obama, Santa 5: Lionel Messi.

* * *

Ho ho ho! The game is very easy, guess who are these five famous Santas!

Write in the five correct answers, (or try at it) in the comment box below and if you get them right you will be participating in a digital draw for the cash prize of Euro 100!

P.S. Make sure to indicate answers as follows: Example: Santa 1 = Simon , Santa 2 = Joseph, Santa 3 =….)

Wow, you better watch out, get them right! Santa is coming to town.

Since it is Christmas time we are assisting you with some friendly hints:

Only five of these nine personalities are riding sleighs on Eve, so who are they?

Kevin Costner, David Hamilton, Lionel Messi, Barack Obama, Prince William, Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt, Samuel L. Jackson or George Clooney.

Merry Christmas and enjoy our Famous Santa guess who competition!