What Can We Learn From Kids?

Christmas is mainly a time for children. The games, the presents and food are all carefully crafted to make the little people smile. But in return, kids give us life lessons that we should take with us into the New Year. Here are some of my favourites.


Run as fast as you can

Children don’t graze their legs and cut their arms all the time because they keep losing their balance. They fall because they risk more when they play. They run as fast as they can, jump as high as they can and basically push everything to the furthest limit.

Be silly

Kids laugh at funny faces, farts, poop and basically everything that most adults [pretend that they] don’t find amusing. Children are highly expressive, regardless of their audience.

Battle wounds make you the hero

Do you remember when you used to hurt yourself in the playground and your first reaction would be to show absolutely everyone you knew? Kids don’t hide their scars because they think they are signs of weakness – they show them off because they regard them as a mark of survival.

Friendships are simple

Nowadays, friendships seem to often be wrought with politics and tension. My longest friendship to date was founded after she handed me a shell, while we were standing at a sandbox. I remember that moment vividly and I remember thinking ‘I have a friend’. Why can’t it be that easy?

Being creative is healthy for you

There is a reason restaurants supply colouring books and crayons to children – because they become so engrossed in what they’re doing that they stop screaming. We can learn a lot from the kids who end up in a trance while playing with building blocks and play dough.

Try new things

So many children end up in hospital after eating something they’re not supposed to. Whilst I’m not encouraging anyone to munch on something inedible, I am saying that experimentation is key to leading a more exciting life.