The Vintage Look

I have lived here, in beautiful Malta for just over two years now and I enjoy the way of life immensely. I truly feel blessed and happy to be here! However, if pushed, I would have to admit to missing one thing – vintage fashion shops, brimming with wonderful clothes and accessories from bygone years!

In the UK, these shops are extremely popular but alas (and pardon me if I am wrong), they do not seem to be part of the Maltese culture. Such a pity! Vintage can not only be glamorous and fashionable but it can also create a unique and original style for the wearer.

For those of you who remain unconvinced, yes, I grant you that it has to be worn properly and not be overstated, otherwise it can end up a little bit like fancy dress but done tastefully and with finesse, it can look stunning. There is also the added benefit of knowing that you are recycling and helping the environment.

Given that Malta is ‘a-wash’ with talented seamstresses, the opportunity to ‘revamp’ vintage clothing is amazing! Wearing vintage pieces can also be a very sentimental act. Rather like a wedding dress being used to make the first christening gown, re-styling clothes that belonged to a parent or grandparent is a wonderful way of creating heirlooms that help to bring about happy memories. Vintage doesn’t have to be ancient either! Nowadays, the 1980’s are considered vintage!

Dress agencies are also very popular in the UK too and provide an excellent vehicle to ‘sell on’ unwanted, good quality clothes and accessories, benefiting not only the owner but the buyer too! One very ‘up market’ dress agency in Knightsbridge, London is Pandora. Here, you can buy a good quality, hardly worn Chanel suit or Gucci bag for a fraction of the original price. Having purchased clothing from there myself, I can safely vouch for the quality and indeed pleasurable shopping experience it entails!

Who doesn’t like a good bargain, after all! Check it out on the web and judge for yourself! Home – Pandora Dress Agency. Many of the clothes come from affluent owners who are bored and want to buy the next trend. Lucky are we that can reap the benefits of such indulgence!