Creative Jewellery – Mesmerizing with Colour

In a society where anything and everything comes at a price, when one can find anything one desires on the market, and where cheap jewellery is the order of the day, I often find myself searching for something different – something more.

Bangles and baubles from countries like China or Hong Kong are as common as dirt, nowadays. You pay pittance to have something common, which anyone else can have at the blinking of an eye. That is not enough – not by a long shot, at least not for individuals who prefer the unique and tailor-made to the mainstream and mediocre.

Some time ago, I came across a very talented local artist who seems to literally have the magic touch when it comes to colour and style, not to mention creativity. The name of the online jewellery store is ‘Mesmerize’, and the name of the artist behind the creations, is Carima Achokwu.

All the items produced by Mesmerize are hand-made or hand assembled, thereby unique and specific to each customer. Carima does not have any particular style in general, yet characterises most of her items as classic chic. Collections vary from vintage to modern. Many different materials are used, depending on what the customer in question requests, from imitation stones, to semi-precious, coloured beads, shells, ribbons, crystals, silver plated wire, aluminium, and even buttons!


Carima has been in business for over a year, showing off and selling her creations in events such as the Sliema Arts Festival, Strada Arts & Wine Festival, Isla Maritime Arts Festival, the Maltese Artisan Fair in Bugibba, Festa Lapsi in St Julians, Il-Fiera l-Kbira at Monte Kristo, and many others.

Memerize Jewellery offers free delivery to Malta and even posts abroad for an extra charge to cover postal services. One can order particular pieces when one visits Mesmerize’s stall during an event, or else contact the relevant Facebook page

Pricing starts from as low as 5 Euro but then can go up to 40 Euro or more. This depends on certain factors including design, amount of work involved to create the final piece, beads used, if it is unique, etc.

To make sure the bead mixture / buttons are what the customer requires, Mesmerize usually sends a photo through facebook / email and once confirmed, starts creating the piece. Photos of the finished jewellery piece are then sent to the customer before delivery. The same process is followed for anyone wanting to order online. The artist is also willing for customers to visit her place of residence, where they will be able to talk about the design, as well as materials to be used, over a cup of tea or coffee.

Quite the difference from ordering a pre-fabricated factory-assembled gimmick online, isn’t it? Each piece has its own beauty and it is quite hard to choose from them. All pieces are created with dedication and from one’s own imagination.

Do you have a particular idea for a necklace or ring? Why not contact Mesmerize and talk about it?