Our Cluttered Lives

Clutter can easily surround us. Clutter can easily fill our homes, our time, our lives. It takes away our breathing place, takes away any space that we might have had by reducing it to nothing but a filled place.

Every few weeks or months, I find myself looking around my room, looking at all the things I have, at all the clothes I own and wondering whether I could just throw everything out. I could literally get rid of everything in my room and leave the place bare, with just a mattress. I have mentioned this to my mum sometimes and have received a strange look in return.

But I need the space, in fact, all the space that I can get. Sometimes, there is simply too much clutter, so I get up and start opening each drawer. I then pick up an object and ask myself whether I really need it. Will I ever need it? I don’t need it right now, so I throw it out. I find myself throwing away things or giving them away to make more space in my life for other things. Then I realise that I don’t want objects, I just want space.

Sometimes, we fill our lives with things that we don’t need; that extra commitment, those recurring thoughts of what we have to do, that constant beeping that never stops, our constant thumbs refreshing social media. Sometimes, we simply need to stop. We need to make space for ourselves, enough to breath for a while and just be.