Four Things You Need To Know About Your Feet!


Feet are very hard workers!

Throughout life, we walk approximately for 160.000km. And with each and every step our feet have to carry our body weight.

Feet are suppressed and assaulted!

Corns and calluses often develop as a result of constant use of tight footwear and recurrent friction. Running barefoot in gyms, swimming pools and saunas can lead to fungal infections between the toes and the contracting of contagious warts.

Feet hardly have any fat tissue!

Unlike other parts of the body, the soles of the feet do not have any sebaceous glands. Consequently, brittle, dry and cracked skin is a common occurrence. Germs can easily penetrate this cracked skin.

Feet are sweat promotion depots!

They tend to perspire profusely especially when squashed into synthetic footwear. Hence, unpleasant foot odour may occur.

You only have one pair of feet; take good care of them!

Here’s how to deal with common problems.

  • Tired heavy burning legs?

Have you ever come home after a night out and couldn’t fall asleep because of tired, aching and burning feet. Gehwol Mint rubbed into those sore feet will guarantee you immediate relief and a good night’s sleep (or what’s left of it, at least!)

  • DRY rough skin?

Do you have unsightly hard, dry, rough or cracked skin, not to mention odour and sweat problems? All of these are good reasons to regularly take care of our one and only pair of feet!


Gehwol foot care products are made from natural essential oils and herbs, such as rosemary, lavender, mountain pine oil, thyme, peppermint and many others. These all work to invigorate, refresh, deodorise and restore the skin’s natural oils, while softening it and making it suppler.

The Gehwol range consists of creams, baths and sprays to counteract all common foot problems. They promote the circulation and fortify the feet. They normalise perspiration and sweat decomposition is prevented. If used on a regular basis, Gehwol foot care products will prevent fungal infections from setting in.

Why not give your feet what they deserve and use Gehwol foot care products!

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