Hostage – A New Short Film

Can you brief  us on  Hostage?

It started out as an experiment to see if we; Jameson and Krystabel could actually work together. The story developed and then it was time to involve other people. Actors and crew alike believed in the story and were intrigued to be involved with this project. We feel lucky to have had such a host of artists working with us.

The story is about a determined girl who, together with her boyfriend, lets herself into her ex’s apartment while he is there, in order to seek revenge.


The actors are Alba Florian Viton, Jean Paul Carbonaro, Ingrid Bolger, Claudia Agius and Owen Bonello.

Filming is now finished and we in post-production which should be ready by the end of this year.

We will be submitting our short film in various International short film festivals, local festivals such as The Malta Short Film festival and eventually on Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube. Hostage will have subtitles in five different languages so as to target wider audiences.

One can see pre-production images, onset images and even the trailer for the short film which was released recently.

Our official photographer is Daniel Borg and the make-up artist is Priscilla Falzon.

Producer and Script Writer: Krystabel Galea

Director:  Jameson Cucciardi

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