Amber Represented by Great Lengths, Malta


The singer, Amber recently won Malta’s national selection show with her energetic performance and the song Warrior by composers, Elton Zarb and Muxu. Amber will represent Malta in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

The lyrics of the song portray a powerful message. “I’m a warrior, I will conquer … I will not break.”

The management of CC&J who represent Great Lengths in Malta sent this message to Amber after her incredible performance: “Well done Amber! You deserved it!! Beautiful voice and an amazing person!! Thank you for your constant support in Great Lengths. You rocked those Great Lengths xx!”

As the lyrics go, “It was us truly winning.” CC&J also believes in winning and with Great Lengths hair salons can really offer their clients a product which is of excellent quality and certainly a cut above the rest. This coupled with incredible service is our secret to success.

We know that clients have become tired of poor quality hair extensions which after a few washes start to look dull and brittle with resultant matting and discomfort. And back to those lyrics “We were living in a shadow” but “we broke through the shadows” to create something incredible for our clients. With the product, Great Lengths has certainly attempted to “create something timeless.”


The facts are there for all to see:

FACT: Great Lengths only uses 100% natural human hair exclusively from Indian Temple Hair.

FACT:  It is 100% ethical and 100% traceable hair.

FACT: Great Lengths only utilises ‘Remy’ hair.

The advantage of using Remy hair is that the cuticle layers are all facing the same direction from root to end and therefore they not tangle. They blend in superbly and are easy to maintain. Another unique fact is that the modulation technique used here is revolutionary; an extremely durable yet gentle Keratin bonding. With this technique, Great Lengths has put an end to gluing, knotting and welding.

FACT:  No other system treats hair in a gentler way.

The vast palette offers over forty vibrant natural shades to precisely match the colour of your own hair and to blend with it properly. Strands are available in lengths from 8 to 30 inches.

Stylists across the world love Great Lengths which can be used for lengthening, voluming, highlighting or zonal volume application. Many stylists have chosen this product when working with celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Aniston and so many more.

By selecting Great Lengths, poor quality hair extensions are a thing of the past.

“Never look back, the past is the past.”

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