FRANKS Launches New Campaign for 2015

Stephen Cordina, Vanessa Camilleri Claire Abela, Renee Micallef Decesare Stefania Demicoli, Angelique Attard From Steves&Co (above) Neil Martin, Antonio Pileci, James Grima, Michael Gatt, Kurt Micallef, (below) Nina Rosner, Nadia Camilleri. Vicky Muscat, Charmaine Cini, Graziella Mintoff, Lucianne Cassar, Vanessa Caruana, Mary Borg Kim Agius, Emma Scalpello Odette Mangion, Claire Zerafa, Monica Grixti, Rachel Cassar Ellis Jessica Muscat, Francesca Sultana, Domnic Galea, Claire Abela, Alexia Rota, Sean Busuttil, Gianella Gauci FRANKS Staff on the night: Chris Attard, Nicole Ebejer, Kim Agius, Emma Scalpello, Maria Borg, John Micallef, Terry Attard, Bettina Galea

A return to the past and a glimpse of the future.

FRANKS recently launched its new campaign for 2015 with an exclusive event organised at The Plaza. The primary focus of the campaign is ’Celebrating Heritage’ – FRANKS will enjoy its 125th anniversary in 2018, and this milestone was central to the ideology backing the campaign.


The FRANKS heritage dates back a long way, starting in 1893 when Salvatore ‘Frank’ Abela opened his first shop, selling shaving accessories to British and American soldiers on the then-bustling Cospicua waterfront. With its strong presence in the industry ever since, it was important that the campaign highlights the fact that FRANKS has been with consumers through the decades, and that it reflects a positive message of credibility, quality and authenticity. This message also emerges through the TV commercial whose tagline reads ‘life is an incredible journey; with you every step of the way’.

Steves&Co was chosen to bring this brief to life. The focus on FRANKS’ history necessitated a return to the past as the starting point for the 2015 campaign. With Kurt Micallef at the helm, the creative team chose to play upon imagery from 50s and 60s advertisements which represent the epiphany of the advertising age. They believed that the strong visuals and catchy copy associated with this era would work well for this campaign. This year’s campaign celebrates the artistic and forward-looking nature of the brand by creating something aesthetic and original.

The mid-century belief system led the team to create a male and a female version of the advert, as well as a generic product-based advert. However, rather than conjuring the adverse implications of the separation of gender roles, the campaign’s imagery immediately elicits the positive values of elegance, sophistication and beauty for the female, and masculinity, poise and refinement for the male. It is evident that this campaign isn’t just the imitation of stylistic conventions, but a true modernisation of an instantly recognisable archetype of the past, which viewers would relate to instantly.