Guys, Here’s How To Keep Your Penis Healthy

You may think that your sex drive will never go away and that your penis will never let you down, but, unfortunately, you are not wholly right!

Let’s just start with this one important point: I’m not a big fan of the plural ‘penes’ (although, grammatically, it is correct) and ‘penii’ does not exist.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s get down to business: how do you achieve penile health?

Personal Hygiene: It’s an important step, but one which some men tend to skip. Keeping your genitals clean is super important to make sure your penis doesn’t get irritated, sore or stinky. If, like many men in Malta, you’re uncircumcised, it’s also important to retract the foreskin and clean underneath using water – this will eliminate the chance of getting dick cheese. Also, don’t be tempted into using talcum powder and deodorants near your genitals as these can irritate your one-eyed trouser snake.

Cupping Your Testicles: Yes, you probably do it while jerking off, but it’s also important to do it to make sure there are no changes occurring in your scrotum. Most lumps in the scrotum are not cancerous, but one of them might turn out to be – and when you consider the fact that the most common cancer amongst young men is testicular cancer, you’ll be doing yourself a favour!

Stub that Cigarette: Smoking not only leads to impotence, it also affects the size of your erection. Giving up smoking can help you keep your penis functioning properly for longer – while also reducing the risk of many other diseases, including cancer, cardiac arrests, and many others.

Don’t Bang It Against Hard Surfaces: Even your beautiful girlfriend’s pelvis bone can have serious repercussions for your John Major. One wrong thrust may force you into the operating theatre in the hopes that it won’t be permanently damaged. Your penis is delicate, treat it with it respect.

Yawn: Boys, be ready to have your minds blown: as far as your body is concerned, yawning and getting an erection are the same thing.

Why? How? What? Where? Who? When? Whose? Which?

Yawning and getting hard are controlled by the nitric oxide that either travel to your mouth or down your spine to your penis. Yawning deters these chemicals from reaching your penis, allowing for the pathway to clear and leading to more erect erections – so, yawn more, men everywhere, yawn more!

That’s it from my end. With love, Evelyn x

Will you follow any of Evelyn’s advice? Were you surprised by any of it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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