Winter Warming Wisdom


Okay, so Malta isn’t exactly freezing during the winter but it does get pretty damp and with the cost of heating slowing creeping up, here are some tips that make staying warm affordable.

Dress in many thinner layers, as opposed to one really thick layer. This traps in heat much better. Instead of closing the oven door after cooking, leave it open to warm up your kitchen and the surrounding rooms.

Weather strip’ your windows. You can do this by either purchasing the more expensive ‘instant double glazing’ or with bubble wrap! Simply spray a layer of water on your windows and place the bubble wrap (which needs to be cut to size) on them.

Block drafts by keeping doors properly shut and by putting a rolled towel along the bottom of those doors which lead outside.

Light some candles. Not only will they make the room look more romantic, they will also create a lot more heat than you would expect.

Freeze candles before using them – it can double their burning time.

Trick your mind into thinking you’re warmer than you are by decorating rooms with reds and oranges, using faux fur rugs and pillows. These also make the room feel cosier for those frosty nights in!