Quickies: Are They Beneficial To A Relationship?

When one hears the word ‘quickie’, one immediately pictures drunken one-night-stands, or quick casual meetings. A quickie is a brief, intense sexual encounter, often without or with limited foreplay. People tend to associate it with emotionless lust, singletons, or with meaningless bouts of intimacy with strangers.

That, however, is by far not the whole picture.

A quickie, while brief, can be a passionate, spontaneous way to bring excitement into one’s long-term relationship. It is a way of showing one’s partner that that animalistic impulse, that desire, that verve which was what had kindled the relationship in the first place, is still present, and stronger than ever.

In our hectic and full everyday life, it is sometimes not easy to find the time, or the energy, to, as they say, ‘have a go at it’, especially when, after a long day at work, you get home, shower, and have only an hour to get ready before you have to go out again in the evening. I guess this could be one of the reasons why certain long-term relationships or marriages tend to diminish their intimate moments, not because they don’t love each other as strongly as they did during the first years of courtship, but simply because they do not have the time. Sad but true.

Sexuality is an important part of any relationship, as it is not only a way of showing love and tenderness, but also creates a physical and strong bond between the partners. It is, therefore, essential to show one’s partner that s/he is and always will be fundamental in your life, and sometimes, a quickie is just the thing.

Having your partner, for example, suddenly pounce on you from behind in nothing but frilly underwear, and telling you how much she wants you, is a sure way of not only capturing the moment, but also showing that person that you are not taking him for granted, but want to enjoy every moment with him. It will also show him (or her) that you are not as predictable as s/he thought you were. Teasing and playing with your partner is a way of showing him / her that there could always be a surprise around the next corner of your relationship.

Different positions, not to mention places, can be used to make quickies more fun and exciting. For example, a deserted beach while you are abroad, using an out-of-the-way empty yet elegant room during a wedding reception (either your own or someone else’s), an elevator, the kitchen (this can be tricky if you live with a room-mate), or even a public toilet. I remember during one episode of the Simpsons’, Marge and Homer actually go at it while in a golf club, in a kind of stylised toy-house with holes for the golf balls in it.


Remember, however, that in the long-run, having your sexual life made up solely of quickies, is not good at all. One must take time to appreciate and revel in one’s partner, and not relegate intimate moments to only a few minutes per day. While spontaneity adds spice and a certain thrill, it is also magical to sometimes create a special and romantic atmosphere, and take the time to enjoy one’s lover to the full.