Marica Mizzi

Date of Birth: 5th June, 1969

Where do you live? Birzebbugia

Status: Very happy in a relationship

Star Sign: Gemini

Main occupation: PRO and Fund-raiser for Caritas Malta

Media-related occupation: Producer and Presenter for the programme, Klinika


MARICA MIZZI has been involved in the media industry for the past twenty five years. She has produced various programmes in the educational genre in connection with various subjects such as, animal rights, environment and those which are health related.

“What excited me most at that time was my involvement in producing and also playing different roles in dramas such as Fenomeni, F’Baħar Wieħed and Santa Monika. Seventy eight episodes of Santa Monika were produced for television and a film was produced for local cinemas.”

“At present, I’m employed on a full-time basis with Caritas Malta. My role is that of spokesperson and I am also responsible for fund-raising in that entity. Social issues in our society have always been close to my heart and working for those who are vulnerable and those who are in need has always been at the top of my agenda.”

Marica decided a make a come-back as a presenter and producer for this winter schedule with the health-related programme, Klinika, which is being aired on NET TV every day, between 1830hrs and 1900hrs. “I feel excited to return and touch base after an absence of six full years from what I love doing most.” explained MARICA MIZZI in this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

Can you describe your state of mind while presenting a TV programme?

During the programme, I’ll be very happy living the actual moment! All thoughts vanish and it actually brings me to the here and now frame of mind!

What is it that you cannot live without?

Definitely those persons close to my heart i.e. my partner and our close families.

What’s a hobby you spend money on?

Travelling around the world!

What do you think is your best asset, and why?

Forgiving! It made me who I am today! To let go and move on is an asset for sure!

What was your biggest failure to date?

I can’t put pen to paper a particular failure, but I love this quote. In Woody Allen’s words: “If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.”

On what have you spent the most money in one go?