Recycling Summer Pieces In Winter

Although cold snaps come and go in Malta, there are certain weeks which are really chilly and damp. No worries though, the sun never stays away too long. You can sense a bit of hope there. I am, however, a strong advocate for the winter months and winter fashion that comes with those chilly days.

While some have already started digging out their winter pieces from the depths of their closet, it might be handy to keep some of your favourite summer pieces hanging along for those sunny days.

It is sometimes difficult to store away those summer favourites. So here are some ways in which they could also be incorporated into winter outfits. All it takes is some creativity and heaps of layering.

Summer skirts

That flimsy skirt that you have been living in all summer? Throw over a pair of tights and boots, either knee-high, ankle or wellingtons. Then pair with a long chunky sweater for daytime, or with a lighter, tucked-in top under an open cocoon coat for the evening.

Summer dresses

Summer dresses can be worn in a similar way as summer skirts. Wear with tights and a chunky cardigan. If you are feeling brave, wear under a cropped sweater or leather jacket.


All those that know me are aware that I can never get enough of shorts, and am constantly finding ways to include them in my winter outfits. This presents the perfect opportunity to play around with textures. Suede and leather are perfect for winter, and now velvet has joined the collection, as well. Sticking with dark hues by opting for burgundy, dark green, charcoal and black make the outfits more wintery. To finish off, pair with textured tights, playing around with different patterns and styles.

Strappy and crop tops

Sometimes we do not feel like wearing a long-sleeved top, or we are going somewhere that we know is going to be hot and stuffy inside. In that case, don your favourite strappy summer tops or crops under that long line blazer you have just bought. For that added winter feel, wear with high-waisted trousers.