Claire Tonna

Date of Birth: 25th November 1982, born on a Thursday at 16.45

Where do you live? Any place my passions take me, currently in Europe.

Status: Single, yet can’t complain about abundance of love

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Main occupation: Singer/Songwriter, doing humanitarian work and working on becoming a better person every day.

Media-related occupation: Being all that makes me… life: Cause of my Joy


CLAIRE TONNA was born and raised in Malta. Singer / songwriter Claire Tonna has been long described as ‘the voice of all human emotions.’ For the last two decades, she has been singing and performing numerous concerts all around the globe, leaving people in awe wherever she sings.

Claire’s works and performances have been acclaimed to be the most intimate celebrations of human emotions taking place not only in theatres, but also in prisons, hospitals and many other marginalised spaces. Claire combines her passion for humanitarian work with her passion for singing and, as a result, she tends to sing the truth and reflect the fragile yet strong beauty of being human.

In 2013, she released her first solo album The Port in New Zealand and has toured with it in that country, as well as in Spain. While working on her new album and her deepest works, she continues on her voyage of silence and sound, sharing the wisdom she has gained through her experience and she claims to be rewarded by life and death’s experiences. On the 12th, 13th, 14th December 2014 she will be singing at Teatru Manoel for the Go Teatru Unplugged 17 and will then perform her concert Night’s Skin all around Spain.

For more information and for music downloads, check out her website:

How did you first discover music in your life?

Coming from a musical family made music ever present and from six years of age, I started learning how to play the guitar on my own. Later on, I started singing and writing music and I began to recognise it as a divine means to deliver courage, strength and resilience – all I deem necessary for every human. Life’s journey made all the rest happen, as I followed my callings, the music kept growing and the voice even more … it is actually much stronger than who I am.

How long have you now been into music?

I have been playing the guitar for 26 years and singing for 21 years, yet I guess the sound and silence that makes music has been around much before I was born. More than being in music, I perceive that music is within us, in every breath we take and in various forms, a universal pulse.

Can you describe your state of mind while singing?

Full of love.

In your own words, how would you describe music?

Music is the sound of emotions, emotions of the sound we are.

What’s the most money you have spent at one go?

My first two way open ticket to Calcutta… 1,200 euros.

Describe the best moment of your holiday so far?

Oh dear … so many best moments! Cooking for homeless people in India for Christmas, being close to a dying friend, singing for 800 prisoners, being loved in the slums of Calcutta, witnessing happiness on the faces of the people I love – every moment is most precious…the list is infinite!



Photography: (left) Leta Shtorr, (right) Tümer Genctürk