Mascara Do’s and Don’ts


“To each his own!” Right?

Well maybe so, but there are definitely some rules when it comes to applying mascara, about what looks good and what does not. No matter what brand you are using, following a few simple rules on how to apply your mascara and what to stay away from, can help you achieve longer, fuller lashes in no time. Curling your lashes has the biggest impact you can get, so I really recommend that you do this before you start applying your mascara.

There are three basic rules for the perfect-looking mascara application; wiggle, coat and repeat. First of all,  wiggle the mascara wand close to the lash line. This helps the product to be distributed at the base of the lashes which will help the lashes stay curled for a longer time and to look fuller. If you do not have a good base of mascara at the bottom, you will be applying more product at the ends, weighing down your lashes and losing the curl.


Next, apply a thin layer of mascara on the lashes, always moving from the base to the ends. The trick is to use thin layers. No clump looks good, no matter what you tell yourself. Lashes are not meant to be bunched together and stuck to one another, so that you end up with the spider-legs-look. Flutter them out by making sure that you do not have too much product on the mascara wand before putting it to your eyelashes. If necessary clean off any excess on a tissue. This can make a whole lot of difference to your final look.


Finally, repeat the process as many times as you wish, without leaving too much time in between applications so that the mascara is not completely dry while you are still applying the product. Remember, that once the mascara has dried, it is easier for the lashes to stick together, so act quickly.

When you are applying your second or third coat, focus mainly on the ends of your lashes, to help lengthen them out. There is only so much product that you can apply at the base, and reapplying more will only end up getting into your eyes, something you definitely want to avoid.

Clean up any smudges with a cotton bud and you are done!


Remember, the eyes are the windows to the soul and just a touch of mascara, even if you are going bare faced, can make all the difference to your overall appearance.


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