Comfortable High Heels

Is it possible to combine comfort and high heels?

“Yes” says Frederikke Antonie Schmidt, the owner and designer of the innovative shoe brand, roccamore

Frederikke has spent the past three years developing an ergonomic insole that supports the foot, while forcing it to walk in an anatomically correct manner in high heels. The insole is covered with a special kind of shock-absorbent latex, the same kind of material that Nike uses for their insoles.

Combining elegant lines and feminine design, Frederikke has created a collection of beautiful AND comfortable high heels. “I was tired of always having to choose between sneakers and high heels, I wanted to have shoes that would fit my lifestyle. During my day, like so many other women, I’m often on the go and have to walk a lot, so I simply don’t have the time or energy to have sore feet,” says Frederikke.

Roccamore means ‘a fortress of love’ in Italian. The name symbolises roccamore‘s vision of what shoes should be; small fortresses of love around the feet, instead of the complete torture chambers many people trap their feet in everyday.

In 2013, Frederikke joined forces with online business developer and experienced Maltese-based Danish entrepreneur Line Young Peteri. As a self-aware, fashionable woman with a busy lifestyle as well as being a mother of two, Line immediately saw the potential of the concept and fell in love with roccamore. Together, the two women are now working on realising the concept, which they have chosen to do through a crowd-funding campaign at the global platform, Kickstarter.

“By searching funding through Kickstarter, we invite our customers to be part of the process, with their input, ideas and feedback. In a way, you can say that if roccamore gets funded, it will tell the story of all the people that helped it on the way,” says Line.

The campaign was launched on 10th November and offers collaborators a unique opportunity to be amongst the first to get a pair of roccamore shoes and with up to a 70% discount.

For more information, you can sign up for news at or follow roccamore on Facebook and Twitter.


In July 2009, Frederikke Antonie Schmidt graduated as a shoe designer from Polimoda, Florence. During her studies, Frederikke completely fell in love with the old town, and ended up living and working there for six years. Even before her studies, she worked as a designer and in her time in Italy, she worked with various small and medium brands, such as MaxMara, Elisabetta Franchi, Shiatzy Chen, Icone Shoes, Chie Mihara and Sarah Chofakian.

Frederikke has won several prizes for her design, which include Vogue Italia, Polimoda Talent, Danish Elle, Kea Talent and, amongst others. In December, 2009, Frederikke was appointed Creative Director of the Hungarian / Italian brand Mermaid Shoes, where she worked until 2011. She then decided to return to Copenhagen to study a PBA in Brand Design at KEA and start roccamore.

Line Young Peteri has worked with online media since she was nineteen. She was also involved in the 12 million euro sale of Jubii Auction to She is also a Co-Founder of the successful online publishing company which last year, was sold to the Gorres Group. She has worked with Danish top designer YDE, the exclusive watch brand DeWitt and the Maltese boutique agency Chestertons. Line was nominated for and won Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Female Entrepreneur Award.