Official Launch Of The Malta Chamber Of Fashion And The Malta Fashion Association

The official launch of the Malta Chamber of Fashion and the Malta Fashion Association took place recently and was inaugurated by Honourable Dr. Owen Bonnici, Minister for Justice and Culture.

The speakers were Dr Juliana Scerri Ferrante, President of The Malta Chamber of Fashion, Mrs Catherine Tabone, Director of Culture, Mr. David Curmi, President of The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Adrian Mizzi, President of Malta Fashion Association and Salvatore Schirmo, President of the Italian Cultural Institute in Malta


The Malta Chamber of Fashion and the Malta Fashion Association are actually two separate organisations but have opted to co-launch as a reflection of their intentions to collaborate in the future.

The main aim of the Malta Fashion Association is to regularise the local fashion sector and to be a point of reference, both for the authorities as well as the general public. The Malta Chamber of Fashion mainly aims to collaborate with foreign countries (especially Italy) on various projects involving the fashion sector.

The Board Members of the Malta Fashion Association are Mr Adrian Mizzi (President) and Ms Marisa Grima and Ms Sue Rossi (Vice Presidents).


The over-riding motive of the Malta Chamber of Fashion is to recognise fashion as a culture and a culture is that which reflects a country’s tradition.

The members of the Malta Chamber of Fashion are Dr Juliana Scerri Ferrante (President), Mr Giuseppe Racioppi (Vice President for Italy), Mrs. Caroline Paris (Vice President for Malta and press officer for Malta), Mrs Marina Bertucci (press officer for Italy), Dr. Fabio Benvenuti Capo, Dr. Marcello Noce, Miss Ilaria Pascali and Mr. Elio Frasca, Managing Editor of the magazine Rendez Vous de la Mode and therefore the media partner of the Chamber of Fashion Malta.


On this occasion, a protocol between the Chamber of Fashion Malta and the Italian Cultural Institute for the diffusion of fashion and tailoring craftsmanship and culture between the two countries was also signed.

Participating in the launch were designers from Italy and Malta who showcased their clothes using both live models and mannequins.