Gifts Your Loved Ones Really Want For Christmas

We’ve all been there, it’s Christmas Day and you’ve just opened a present that you instantly know you’re never going to use / wear / take out of the wardrobe again.

Whilst you’re fixing on a smile so fake it’s scary, learn from it. Make the effort to give the people close to you presents that mean something special to them this year.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Mums: Are you always getting your mum candles and chocolate because you’ve got no idea what else she’d like? My dad even bought my mum a vacuum cleaner for one Christmas. She barely spoke to him until spring and do you blame her? Try thinking outside the box a bit this year; could she do with some me-time? Chip in with your siblings to buy her a spa day. Or if you’re strapped for cash, get creative and make a scrapbook or photo album and fill it with pictures and memories. Remember, it really is the thought that counts.

Dads: Let’s face it, your dad is probably going to be the easiest person to buy gifts for, but why not try and find something personal to him? If he’s into technology then there are loads of cool gadgets out there, so try and find something quirky and practical. If your dad is more of a DYI guy, then get him the latest tool he needs, or start him off on a cool project, you could even help out!

Boyfriends: Buying gifts for your significant other can be a stressful time, especially if you’re just starting out. Find something he really enjoys and focus your present around that. For example, you could get gig tickets to his favourite band, or something silly like a giant coffee cup. Have fun with it, he’ll appreciate the effort you’ve gone to.

Sisters: Get your sister that dress she’s had her eye on for ages (you can always borrow it too!) or schedule her in for a NYE makeover in a makeup department to give her the chance to look like an A-list celeb for the night.

Brothers: The latest headphones / Xbox Game / Lego set (Yep, even if he’s not five… I know, I don’t get it either) always go down really well; anything to keep him from annoying you all day really!