How To Stop Your Sex Life From Becoming Boring

Sex is one of the most important parts of any relationships, but how do you keep it from becoming boring five, ten, thirty years down the line?

Yes, I appreciate the irony in this. Isn’t Evelyn divorced AND separated? Clearly, she didn’t know how to keep a man happy.

Well, my foolhardy friends, man or no man, I’ve always made sure that my sex life never got boring.

Ma, what a witch I’ve become. Forgive me.

Any how! So, yes, how to not let your sex life go to the dogs:

Make Time For It: Let’s be honest, life gets pretty busy! Jobs, children, the house, sleeping – more often than not, they tend to get precedence and within a few months: who the hell has time for sex? BAD! You should always have time for a good pounding, and if you don’t, take some time off.

Role Play: Yes, Evelyn is a hot milf who’s good in bed, but Barbara is a minx who just loves to dress up. Yes, I’m Barbara (but only when I’m in bed). Try out a few costumes, pretend to be in different situations (nurse / patient, superhero / villain, etc.) and have a bit of fun!

Never Fake An Orgasm: The only person suffering from you faking an orgasm is … oh, YOU! If you don’t cum, be honest. Sex is about pleasure and if you’re not having any, you’re doing it wrong.

Be Wild: If you have kinks and fetishes, explore them with your partner, and build a sexual relationship that revolves around both your likes and dislikes. Having said that, some people might find it off-putting that you want to dress up as a baby and be cuddled or as a dog and be put on a leash – so, please, do this at your own discretion.

Masturbate: Watching porn and jacking off is fun and enables you to build your own sexual identity. You shouldn’t stop these or shy away from them just because you’re in a relationship, instead embrace them and take notes on how these could make your sex better.

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Anything else you can suggest to help keep a relationship alight? Let us know!