We Should Focus On What We Say To Each Other

When the successful plus-size model Robyn Lawley appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show, she poignantly stated that “We should focus on what we say to each other.” This was after hundreds of women called her a ‘pig’ on Facebook because she doesn’t care about people’s concerns about the latest trend which promotes the ‘thigh gap’. This literally refers to the gap between a woman’s thighs when she stands up straight with her knees touching each other.

This is the interview I’m referring to:


Will we ever stop bullying each other for not adhering to the media’s ridiculous standards of beauty? Media should represent bodies, not construct an idea of them. Real men and women do not have perfect skin all the time. Real men and women do not have perfectly toned legs. Real men and women are just real. But a lot of people forget this.

If the media had absolutely no worth in your mind, do you really think you’d care about cellulite? Probably not. People forget that by chasing these false ideals, they help maintain them and continue to teach people (young, in particular) to hate their bodies.

The 6”2 Australian model claimed that she used to repeat “I love my body”, until one day the mantra became true. “It makes a positive rebound effect. And then you start loving your body. You start not caring about the little things.”



We all need to love our own bodies, but we also need to help each other in this too. The media will only change if we stop accepting it as it is. We need to stop preaching hate and keep those negative thoughts to ourselves.

Tell yourself that you love your body, expose your flaws and, most importantly, tell your friends that they’re beautiful, especially those who need to hear it more often.