Dean Demanuele


Date of Birth: 26th May 1988

Where do you live? Floriana

Status: Single

Star Sign: Gemini

Main occupation: Music Producer

During these past years, the twenty six year old music producer, Dean Demanuele has worked in various studios and played with musicians all over the world. For the past three or four years, he has lived and worked in the UK and Berlin. His job entails a lot of travelling and he works with different DJs, producers, publishing companies, starting from people at Sony music to Mobilee, Noir music. He has also worked with different labels.

“During the past years, I have handled some sound design projects, as well as mix downs and mastering. To give you an idea on what sound design is, it’s like giving sound to a motion picture, choreography. Mix down and mastering are to get the right quality to the sound track or whatever project you are developing. This year, I’ve decided to come back and build my studio here in Floriana. This will be my home base as I’ve always loved living in Malta and within this environment,” explained Dean Demanuele in his introduction to this interview with Ramona Portelli.

How did you first discover music?

Music has always been present in my family and in my life. As I was growing up, I used to listen to all types of music. It was also an argument which came up quite a lot in my teen years. The breakthrough was when I used to go to the clubs, I always felt so happy and eager to go and get into that vibe, again and again. It was then that I asked myself how these sounds got recorded. Since then I have never looked back.

How long have you been involved with music?

I started searching and studying music since I was around sixteen, I’ve been actively working in the music industry for about four years now, with ups and downs obviously, but always at a constant work pace. It’s something you have to be passionate about and you need to be really patient.

Can you describe your state of mind when you are producing music?

I get into a really challenging mood when I’m producing new music. It’s like having a picture in my head of what I want to achieve and then I have to make this real. I also imagine a lot of various situations and see if the sounds I find can adapt to it or not. That’s like my confirmation of what’s good or bad. There are good days and bad days obviously, like in any other job, but you have to be disciplined and to always be on the lookout to learn to find new stuff.

How would you describe your relationship with money?

Money is just there to make your life more comfortable and stable, I feel you can find happiness in other things in life. Materialistic things come and go. I’ve experienced living in the best places all over the world and it never affected me personally.

What would you never, ever buy – and why not?

Never say never in life :) At the moment I would say a coat, simply because it’s too hot in Malta.

What are your comments about our local music scene / clubbing?

Personally, I think that it could be better, but it could also be worse. Everything is perfect in Malta, the clubs, the scenarios, the climate, but we miss the music and the knowledge. Music is a feeling thing and a lot of people forget this. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough schools or workshops. People need to learn and find new kinds of inspiration.