Buy Clothes In the Right Size

When working with clients, I’m all too often faced with this particular problem. Clients insist that they should be wearing a size smaller. No-one enjoys being told that they need to size up – the truth is that we all enjoy seeing a smaller number on our clothes. However, the number is completely insignificant. What is important is how the piece fits, if it’s too small it’s not going to fit well.

When a piece of clothing is too small, it will be too tight in some or all areas, this means that it will cut into the body and create a dent, thereby creating a bulge. The end result is that the people wearing the clothes will in fact, look larger than they actually are. On the other hand, sometimes if something is loose and skims the body, it can really be flattering and enhance a person’s body shape. The current seasonal trends favour loose-fitting clothing, the idea of tight, restrictive clothes that hardly allow us to breathe is a thing of the past.

The concept of vanity sizing which means incorrectly sizing a garment (sizing it smaller than it should be) in certain shops has led to a lot of confusion, if a woman is a Size 8 in one shop, she refuses to be a Size 10 in another, although the Size 10 might be the correct one.

Do yourself a favour and be honest with yourself, if you’ve tried on a dress and you can’t breathe – you need to size up, if you look in the mirror and bulges have formed – you need to size up. My suggestion to you is to stop looking at the numbers and start looking at the fit, instead.