Undercover Colors – A Revolutionary Kind Of Nail Polish!

Nail polish which changes its colour is not unheard of nowadays, with nail enthusiasts of all ages enjoying the chameleon effect of these products. Usually, such nail polishes either go darker or lighter, depending on the wearer’s moods or according to temperature changes.

Now we can also add to the list another type of colour changing nail polish – one that changes colour if your drink has been spiked! Statistics show that rape drugs are a common way of sex offenders to lure their victims, mostly young girls to take advantage of them.

Now, thanks to a group of four undergraduate students from North Carolina State University, girls can paint their nails with this new kind of polish. All they then need to do is simply swirl their finger in the drink and if it has been spiked with Rohypnol or GHB, the polish will change its colour!

The product is still in its development stages, but I think this would be a huge hit once it’s out on the market.

You can follow the brand’s progress on their Facebook page, Undercover Colors.

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