Coaching Skills for Managers’

The interactive two-day course by Multiplex will hone managerial skills and lead to a more responsive and content workforce.

Renowned organisational development company, Multiplex, has just announced a two-day course in Coaching Skills for Managers, which is aimed at all those who manage a team on a daily basis.

The course will focus on creating better work-based relationships, through a dynamic coaching approach and will have a direct impact on engagement, motivation and performance.

The course, which will be held on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th December, was created by Multiplex to draw on its team’s diverse skills set. Multiplex is a South African company with over 18 years’ experience in client solutions, and it has recently opened its doors in Malta, too. The company’s approach is client-centric and it offers services in leadership development, business coaching and talent management, amongst others.

Over two jam-packed days with lots of hands-on practice and interaction, Multiplex’s team of experienced and professional coaches will focus on concrete learning outcomes. This will include an understanding of the role and impact of coaching within an organisation, the development of personal competencies that underline effective coaching, and the knowledge of how to apply a coaching approach that maximises people potential and, ultimately, has a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.


“This type of coaching approach can be vital in the achievement of a better work environment for managers who run teams – however large or small,” explains Mr Justin Azzopardi, Partner at Multiplex Coaching.

“It provides a practical introduction to the coaching approach, and will give attendees a good grasp of the concepts that can be further developed within a company. It will also showcase how, when staff are happy, they will be intrinsically inspired to go that extra mile within the company.”

Over the years, research which has been conducted on the subject has shown that 99 per cent of human resources (HR) practitioners believe coaching can deliver benefits to both individuals and organisations, while 93 per cent of them even consider it a key mechanism to transfer learning.

“As an organisational development company, we believe that investing in your people is one of the safest and most profitable ways of ensuring your company continues to grow and prosper.”

“This course will be a fantastic opportunity for companies to invest the remainder of their 2014 training budget in a programme that will have tangible and far-reaching results in 2015,” Mr Azzopardi concludes.

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