Styling for Teens

It seems to be almost a rite of passage in life that a teenager or a girl on the brink of puberty quarrels with her mother, maybe it’s all those raging hormones, maybe it’s the way a teen suddenly starts looking at the world she inhabits. Either way, it happens and one of the most common topics of quarrelsome conversations seems to be – clothes.

I’ve tried numerous times to take my mind back in time, back to those days as a twelve / thirteen year old when I frequently flat out refused to wear whatever it was my mum was trying to make me wear. I’d like to figure out what I hated. I’m not sure whether it was out of teenage angst or whether I genuinely didn’t like them. My guess is it was probably a mixture of the two with one of the two reasons occasionally getting more importance.

Understandably, this is actually a very difficult age to dress, a twelve / thirteen year old girl is not quite a woman, no longer a girl and definitely not inclined to shop in the children’s department. To make matters worse, there’s a bit of a black hole in terms of brands that provide the right clothes for this age group. It becomes even harder for those girls that are still very thin, as there’s the added problem of sizing.

I had put my early teens and all its fashion dilemmas behind me until I began working as a personal stylist and started working with girls this age. A lot of young girls, unfortunately, don’t understand the difference between fashionable and sexy, why they shouldn’t try and make themselves look older, why that skirt is too short for them, as well as the message certain clothes send out. The style and fashion choices a thirteen year old girl makes can have a big influence on her personal style as an older teen and eventually, as a woman.

Let’s keep in mind that more importance needs to be given to fashion for teens, both in terms of helping them to make the right choices and in there being a better selection of purchasing options.