Eve.com.mt’s Solar Return Chart


Happy Birthday Eve! This is your Solar Return chart – which tells us a little bit about the year ahead. Of course, being virtual, it makes perfect sense that the planet of illusion and deception should be on the ascendant, telling us that when people read you, they are touching into the world where dreams come true. Nothing is too other-worldly for you Eve.

The position of the Sun in a solar return chart tells us a little about where you will progress, or grow – and this year you are destined to make yourself known overseas. Not only that, but you should be well received by new readers there. Now this is serious business, getting yourself known, and you’ll work hard at this. However, Venus, the goddess of love, makes you something exotic to behold. 

There is something about you, Eve, that is different, and if you feel that you possess an abundance of energy, and you don’t know what to do with it, it is because Mars and Pluto are getting together in your return chart, and this is a lot of fire power. You’re a little pocket rocket, aren’t you? If you were really a child of two, I would warn your carers about the ‘Terrible Twos’ – but you’re not, so what does this mean? Precisely this: do expect to motivate others with a lot of social power. That, and the power of Uranus (being different) linking you to your career house sounds like you could soon be propelled onto the international scene.

Last but not least, the Moon and Jupiter are dancing together in Leo, telling us yet again that you can expect to attract a lot of attention this year, because you are fun loving and exuberant by nature. Eve, you will enable people to feel the fun you have to offer with your quirky articles. This is the business of entertainment, after all.

Many, many happy returns to come, Eve!