LGBTQQI Getting A Helping Hand

LGBTQQI youth and student organisation WE ARE is to be aided by the content writing & PR company, in the handling of its public relations.

The university-based LGBTQQI organisation, WE ARE recently joined forces with public relations specialists, in order to strengthen and broaden the reach of WE ARE’s message of acceptance and tolerance.

Now in its fifth year, WE ARE is Malta’s only youth-led LGBTQQI organisation with its seat at the University of Malta. Its aims are both to represent LGBTQQI youth and students in local, national and international fora, as well as to organise and lead workshops on gender, sexuality, homophobia and transphobia.

“There is no doubt that things for the LGBTQQI community have improved manifold over the past couple of years, particularly due to the political pressure applied by groups like MGRM,” says current WE ARE President, Emma Portelli Bonnici. “Nevertheless, LGBTQQI youths and students also need a voice that speaks specifically to them and for them, and WE ARE has always aimed to be that voice.”

“Over the past five years, WE ARE’s various executive boards have worked hard to build its reputation and ensure that LGBTQQI students and youths find acceptance both in and out of university,” explains Ms Portelli Bonnici. “This alliance with, however, marks a new beginning for WE ARE, as this will allow us to extend the scope of our message to the general Maltese public.”

This public relations cooperation will see’s team of professional writers and PR specialists working closely with WE ARE’s current executive board, on both a consultative, as well as a more hands-on basis.

“As a company, we think of this as a golden opportunity for us to help amplify a voice that can make a difference,” says’s CEO Jo Caruana. “We believe that LGBTQQI youth and students – just like any other person out there, no matter the gender, sexuality or ethnicity – deserves not only to be heard, but also to be reached out to.”

“In today’s world, there is no better way to do that than through public relations, and we genuinely hope that our experience will prove to be an asset to an organisation that has done so much but that still has so much more to offer,” she concludes.

The whole operation, which is set to last until the end of this academic year, is part of a series of agreements reached by with a number of organisations to help give back to society.