How To Warm Up Your Home Décor This Winter

Red and Orange bring warmth whilst marble and chrome add a cooler perspective Metals by Windsor Smith home Colour and natural materials bring warmth to a cold space.

The days are somewhat shorter and the nights are getting colder, but that doesn’t mean our home needs to give up its warmth. During the winter months, it is ideal to have our homes sustain a warm feeling, so we can cosy up in the evenings and although the rain is pouring outside, we can still feel comfort on the inside.

Wooden flooring vs tiles – this decision should probably be pre-planned as you are doing up your place, but wooden flooring is not just ideal for the summer months (feels great when you walk on it) but is also ideal for winter. If you hate that feeling of getting out of a warm bed onto a cold floor, then ceramic tiles are not for you and its time for a change!

Underfloor heating – There has always been a debate about this, as Malta is known for its hot climate, yet we do have those cold winter months where underfloor heating would be a blessing. As heat rises, you will notice a generally warmer home, so it’s not just your feet that will be thanking you.

Layering – Layering our bodies with clothes is always a plus when it comes to keeping the cold out, this works in our homes, as well. Layering sofas with throws and cushions, our floors with rugs and our walls with heavy curtains, is a great way of keeping the warmth of our homes in and the cold out. It also helps us to feel warmer as texture and layers are visually more comforting than furniture that sit alone and bare.

Lighting – The correct lighting in our homes is essential to the degree that we feel warm or cold. Apart from lights emitting heat, the colour temperate of the lighting can either be cold or warm. Research, in fact, suggests that northern, colder countries tend to go for warmer lighting, whilst southern countries tend to go for cooler lighting temperatures. Shifting your light bulb temperatures to warmer tones could mean the world of difference in the overall feel of comfort in your home.


Textures & Materials – When decorating your home, always try to keep in mind both local major seasons, winter and summer. Do not decorate for the summer only, but instead, use a combination of materials and textures that are sustainable for both seasons. Wood, wool and leather are ideal for the winter months, whilst marble, gloss finishes, ceramics and linens create a cooler environment, ideal for summer. Creating a harmonious balance between the two, is what will give a home the right temperature, for any occasion.

Also materials, such as gold and brass are warmer than silver, as their tones are on the yellow side rather than white, which is associated with the same visual experience as ice and glass.

Colour – As there are lighting temperatures due to the tones of lighting, this is the same for colour in anything else. Warm colours, such as reds and oranges will help towards a warmer feel, whilst cool colours, such as blues and greens create a fresher and colder environment. The correct balance would be to have a combination of both in your home.

Sticking to these tips would definitely bring up the heat factor in your home and create a remarkable difference in the overall feel of your space this winter!