Fantasy And Suspense – Books To Read This November!

Prince Lestat by Anne Rice

Following the Master writer’s ten year ‘break’ from her notorious Vampire Chronicles, which had spanned ten books and two movies, Rice is finally back to writing about her world of sumptuous decadence and tortuous blood-cravings. No school love stories or glittering tree-jumping fan boys here!

Her new novel ‘Prince Lestat’ takes us right back to where her third book on the brat Prince (The Queen of the Damned) left us. After the destruction of Akasha, vampires all over the world are hearing a ‘strange voice’ commanding them to wreak havoc. Desperate and confused, they turn to the dashing Lestat to lead them, while the world at large slowly becomes more and more aware that vampires, perhaps, are not a bogus idea but a reality living in their midst.

Those who have read the previous books, not to mention the rest of the Chronicles, or even the Mayfair Witches saga, which ended up interlacing with the Vampire Chronicles, will have an added insight, of course, however even new readers who have only had a glimpse at Rice’s genius through the movies, will be able to read and enjoy this new novel, since it mainly focuses on the same characters prevalent in the first three books (Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, and The Queen of the Damned – portrayed in two movies).

An added spice is the fact that Universal Pictures has recently purchased movie rights to all the Vampire Chronicles novels, thereby promising to resurrect the franchise back onto the big screen. Anne Rice fans – prepare yourselves!

The World of Ice and Fire: The Official History of Westeros and the World of Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

Are you one of those assiduous GOT followers who have watched the series on screen but never had the time to actually read all the books? Do you want to know more without having to plod through them all? Here comes the solution. This illustrated guide is a blessing for all those who are GOT readers and even those who aren’t, but always wanted to know more about the background and history of Westeros, which was hinted at and mentioned again and again throughout both novels and series.

One will be able to read about the coming of the First Men, Aegon the Conqueror, the mad and fiery Targaryens, not to mention why the Starks and Baratheons had rebelled against them, driving the last two Targaryen children into exile and gaining the most uncomfortable throne of all time. While we wait for the next novel (rumoured to be coming out in December), and the beginning of Season 5, this compendium will surely whet our appetite further.

Revival by Stephen King

What influences us during our childhood will remain with us forever. This is surely true for author Stephen King, the master of horror who again and again, as he states in his interviews, uses his childhood as inspiration and through this, reaches towards our most basic fears and repressed memories. One cannot help but feel what the characters in his novels feel, or shudder when they do. This new novel is no exception. Starting with the main protagonist’s childhood and the people he met then, and who influenced his whole life, the novel spans five decades and incorporates in it all those components which we have come to expect from King, but which continue to surprise and delight.

A painful memory, memorable characters, an obsession, an old circus, the indomitable reality of change, not to mention an insight into individuals’ fears and confused perception of religion and everyday life, are only a few of the issues tackled. One cannot describe a Stephen King novel – one can only read it and experience the inevitable thrill surrounding each chapter. Inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and tales from Edgar Allan Poe amongst others, this book promises to be a must for all horror fans.