Is Feminism Obsolete?


We live in strange times. If you’re a woman and admit you’re not a feminist, then you’re labelled as an advocate of the old patriarchal regime. And if you’re a woman and a proud feminist, then many will think you hate men, have issues and assume you’re unsatisfied with being equal. Because, you know, men and women are equal now, right?

Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but let’s be realistic: things have improved a million folds over.

Over time, the idea of what it is to be a feminist has changed. We’re no longer fighting for the vote, for the right to go out and work, for equal rights in court, for our right to inherit or for equal pay (at least not in theory).

But there are still lots of battles left to fight: we are automatically disadvantaged because, hey, we give birth to the human race and can’t work while we’re pushing a human being out of us; and we can’t decide for ourselves whether we want to have that baby inside of us in the first place; and God forbid we want to look sexy for our men because that’s just not feminist.

And what’s sad, is that we are fighting the male-dominated society as much as we are fighting the feminists.

Let’s be clear, there is no doubt that feminism has played a vital role in pushing women’s role to the forefront over the past 100 years. Anyone who says otherwise is biased and ill informed. But things have changed and the tables have turned.

We look at stars like Miley Cyrus getting naked and we say she’s being used. We look at Beyoncé using her husband’s surname for her world tour and we say that that’s not feminist. We see the Colombian women’s cyclist team’s kit, which so unashamedly screams ‘I am woman, hear me roar’, and we say it’s not ‘stylish’ or ‘acceptable’, and we look down on women who want to be housewives as being ‘stupid’ and ‘unmotivated’. What’s worse is that we hate women who embrace this because they clearly have no idea what being a feminist entails.

But if this is what feminism has led us to say and believe, then clearly feminism is over. I am a woman, and if I want to get naked in a music video, use my husband’s surname, cook my children a meal, scrub a toilet (have to rather than want to for this one) or wear a kit which shows that I am not scared of who I was born as, then as a woman who has fought all her life for the right to be equal, I should be able to do that.

Ultimately, if Pussy Riot want to take off their tops in protest, why shouldn’t Kim take her pants off and make guys’ mouths water? Are the feminists going to start telling women what they can and can’t do now too? Cause if they are, then, clearly, it is obsolete.

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