The Pleasures of Gardening in the Maltese Islands by Maurice Mizzi

“The Pleasures of Gardening in the Maltese Islands” by Maurice Mizzi, is a book dedicated to the hundreds of trees and shrubs which can be grown successfully in the Maltese Islands.  Maurice has spent a good part of the last sixty years focusing on local horticulture and its possibilities given our Islands’ windy and dry climate;  his knowledge has grown both through detailed observation and  experimentation, putting it into practice in his beautiful and extensive garden in Bidnija, Malta.  A walk through his elegant and diverse garden, pictured in this beautifully produced book, allows one to experience the plants’  life cycles, changing seasonal colours  as well as plant interaction with the Maltese climate.


“The Pleasures of Gardening in the Maltese Islands”, a labour of love by Maurice, is being sold to support another cause close to his heart;  proceeds from sales will go to ‘The Spiro Mizzi Foundation’, a foundation set up by Maurice Mizzi with the aim of helping in the education of children and young people born and living in the Cottonera area, in need of support.

The book was a work of love.  It was written in stolen time – during his skiing holidays and on weekends since after a days’ work in his business as he says “the last thing he would want to see is a computer”.

The cost of the book is €50 and is available from all Agenda Bookshop Outlets and online orders are also being taken through The Spiro Mizzi Foundation Facebook Page.

To book your copy today, kindly call 23476343.