The Malta Social Media Awards, 2014

The best Maltese Facebook page according to The Malta Social Media Awards 2014, is The Gozo Weather Page,

This page is administered by a Gozitan from Għarb, Andrea Muscat and on a daily basis, it provides information about the weather forecast for the Maltese Islands.

Since 12th October, 2014, more than 14,000 Facebook users voted for the finalist pages.

The Gozo Weather Page received the second most amount of votes from the general public. The votes from the expert juries in this sector boosted it to the first place since their votes had a 30% weighting on the final decision.


The runner-up was awarded to the international footballer, Di Maria’s fan page which gives essential information about the football techniques of this Manchester United football star. This is administered by a Maltese Facebook user. In fact, it achieved the highest number of votes from the general public, most of whom were foreign users of this page.

Filmed in Malta which promotes Malta by featuring films and movies which were filmed in Malta placed third. Filmed in Malta also won the category for the Best Facebook Page of a Maltese NGO and the Best Page which promotes the Maltese identity and culture.

The winners of the other categories were as follows:

The Gozo Weather Page as Best Page that gives Information,

Di Maria – Man Utd, as Best Sports Page,

Gozo Farmhouses Rentals as Best Commercial Page,

Replay (Net Television) as Best Television/Radio Station Page

By The Sea – 2015 – Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie, as Best Entertainment Page.

The Malta Social Media Awards will continue this year, but with a new change. Another award has been added, namely the Best Video on YouTube, Vimeo and any other social media websites.