Five Bits of News That Shook Our Summer

Every year has its crazy stories.

This is our slice of the top five pieces of news that truly shook summer, 2014.

One year after another, the history books are littered with stories that change our perspective on the world, or that mark the end of an era we had grown so used to and we simply assumed they’d never end.

So here’s our list of the top five international stories that did just that.

IS: As the new Islamic State conquers more land and demands more power, nothing is as shocking as their bloodlust. They’ve killed everyone in their path, from Christians to Muslims to journalists. It’s hard to choose one news story that truly stood out with this group, but maybe it was that of James Foley, who was abducted in 2012, starved, water-boarded and hung from the ankles before being beheaded on video.

Ebola: From its origin in Africa to it reaching mainland Europe and America, Ebola is slowly becoming the plague of this millennium. The news that has truly stood out is the discovery that the virus can remain alive and infectious for up to two months on certain surfaces.

The Church & Gay Individuals: When the Catholic Church said that couples who chose to cohabit without getting married and same sex couples could still have strong morals and values, the whole world was stunned. The liberals were euphoric; the conservatives angered. The document shows a deep division in the church about the topic. However, we will probably have to wait until the 2105 meeting to find out who wins!

Russia Changes Time: As most of the world has fallen back to winter time, Russia has now done it for the last time and pulled out of the programme which sees clocks going backwards or forwards by one hour, twice a year. Russia has also stated that it will increase the time zones within its boarders from nine to eleven. This is shocking because we still need to see how this will affect Russia’s relationships with other countries, especially in terms of commerce.

Death Isn’t Funny: The world also lost two of its funniest comedians this year: Robin Williams on 11th August and Joan Rivers on 4th September. Celebrity deaths aren’t scarce – they are still human after all – but most of the time they are shocking because they remind us of our own mortality and the fact that no amount of money, power, fame or glory can make Death’s eye look away.

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