Wayne Hussey – The Veteran Gothic Rock Musician In Malta!


A dark crooning voice pierces the silence. Slow measured notes thickly start a mesmerising lullaby, as strong heavy riffs pierce one’s emotions and alter one’s level of perception. The 80s are dead and gone, yet echoes of their former majesty, daring and richness still remain. Wayne Hussey, the British born singer and guitarist, is proof of that.

Wayne Hussey started to become a household name in 1981, when he first joined the notorious rock band, Dead or Alive (1980 – 2011), whom today we mostly know as the creators of the song You Spin me Round (like a record).

Three years later, he left and replaced Ben Gunn as guitarist for the gothic rock band The Sisters of Mercy (1977 – present), working on their 1985 album, First and Last and Always, which was instrumental in the development of the 80s Goth pop / rock scene.

For a young man with Mormon parents who wanted him to serve as a missionary, and from whom he rebelled in order to go to the big city and become a musician, we cannot but acknowledge that not only did he succeed, but that he was an important figure in the music scene, not only in the UK, but internationally.

Together with bassist Craig Addams, he later formed his own band, The Mission, which successfully recorded ten studio albums during a career spanning 23 years, before they split in 2008. Throughout that period, Hussey had continually worked on solo projects, recording an unofficial anthem for the Liverpool FC’s 2005 Champions League win, and performing live with Gary Numan and The Cure. This talented artist was already a veteran of the northern post-punk circuit way before he started The Mission, and in 2009, he also released his debut solo album, Bare. In 2010, The Mission re-united once more, recording two new albums, one in 2010, and one in 2013. However, Hussey continued to take his solo acoustic shows on the road, mixing Mission classics with other material.

Wayne Hussey was a pioneer of his time, not only musically, but also sexually. He was openly bisexual years before this started to be accepted in society. Embarking on a solo career was also an adventurous move, as risky as breaking away from his strict Mormon upbringing had been, yet the artist and musician never flinched or hesitated in reaching forth to conquer his dreams.

Currently, while The Mission is touring South America promoting their latest album The Brightest Light (2013), Wayne Hussey is also branching out on his own with the release of another single called Songs of Candlelight and Razorblades (released in September 2014). Blending folk music with melodic rock in the successor to his first solo album Bare, the artist creates an interesting and personal mix of startling emotions and introspective creativity.

On Saturday 22 November, Wayne Hussey will be playing an acoustic set at Razzett L-Ahmar, thanks to the collaboration of Hairyamp Promotions, Eve Evangel and Gothic Scene, Malta. This up close and personal performance is one of many dates on the ‘Songs of Candlelight and Razorblades’ tour.

For more information, visit gothicscenemalta.com