Health and beauty rituals that make you say ‘WTF?!

Penny Brown, an Australian model with a fascination for Jessica Rabbit, trained her body to contort to extreme proportions by only taking off her corset when she showered. Whilst Brown’s waist is a minute 26 inches, her bust is 55 inches. Corset training for an hour glass figure can have extreme effects (even resulting in shifting a person’s vital organs to a different location within the body). However, Brown remains unperturbed, stating that, “Jessica Rabbit’s figure is sensual, strong and extreme and it’s a pleasure to replicate that in real life.”


‘Cupping’ has grown in popularity since Gwyneth Paltrow turned up at a premier with marks that looked as if an octopus had hugged her from behind. The ancient Chinese technique uses hot glass cups on various points on the body to encourage blood flow. The Chinese believe in this so vigorously that it is routinely carried out in hospitals. Nevertheless, healthcare professionals protest against the reality of its health benefits, arguing that more research needs to be carried out. A variation of this is ‘wet cupping’ which actually encourages bleeding…ouch!


Toby Sheldon’s attempt to appear more ‘youthful’ by reconstructing his face recently went viral. The 30-something songwriter has spent more than $100,000 dollars trying to look like the epitome of boyish charm: Justin Bieber. In the last five years, he has undergone hair transplants, Botox, lipo suction and hard-core plastic surgery to change everything – even his smile. It is clear that he suffers from body dysmorphic disorder and numerous doctors have advised him against continuing down the addictive path of cosmetic treatments. However, even after being threatened with a break-up from his girlfriend, he has continued to undergo various procedures.


Placentophagy or, in common terms, ‘eating placenta’. That’s right. What some consider bio-hazardous waste and a horrific reminder of those ten hours in labour, others believe is a miracle cure for ‘baby blues’, lack of energy and increasing breast-milk production. This tradition is not a new one and even animals have been seen to eat their own placentas after giving birth. It has been scientifically proven that the placenta is full of nutrients, but whether these can be transferred to the mother is still up for debate. As a consequence, the European Food Standards Agency is considering banning placenta encapsulation and smoothies that specialist companies prepare.


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