‘He Doesn’t Pay? I Won’t Go Out With Him’ – Of Love and Money Grabbers


Reading the title of this article, one would think that it’s a prostitute speaking. Unfortunately however, it’s not… well, not technically at least. Hearing certain girls talk, I’m really disgusted sometimes. I mean these are people who are my age and in my opinion, their mentality reflects not just selfishness, but pure hypocrisy.

A hundred years ago, most women could not both work and be respectable (unless they worked as a servant, nanny, or something like that). Fast forward fifty years, and partly as a result of the Second World War, the female half of the population started working as secretaries, nurses, factory workers and teachers.

Let’s move on to the present day. Today, almost all women are obtaining high-end jobs, not to mention a high level of education. So, why do women, who have been advocating the right for equality for so many years, always expect the guy to pay for everything out of his own pocket?

Are you independent or do you want your man to pay for you throughout your life? Most girls say that they are ‘traditional that way’, or that ‘it is the romantic thing to do’. What crap! Honestly, don’t you have any pride at all? It is nice when your partner offers you a meal for a special occasion such as an anniversary or your birthday, just as it is nice for him to give you a gift if he feels like it, but thinking this is your right is simply preposterous. Certain things have to come from the heart, or they mean nothing.

Personally, I feel special when my partner decides to treat me or take me out for an ‘old-fashioned’ date, just as I am sure he likes it when I surprise him with his favourite home-cooked meal or when I create an amorous atmosphere and put on some new lingerie, but these are not the important things one should consider when deciding whether someone is ‘worth keeping’ or not.

Instead of a five euro soft toy purchased at the stationary down the street, I appreciate a guy who stays by my side when I’m sick, who comes with me to the hospital when I need to visit a loved one in sad circumstances, someone who offers his emotional support every day, or even changes his work schedule, in order to spend more time with me. Those are the things which show you when someone really cares for you and wants you by his side.

Apparently, however, certain girls still hold on to the ‘old-fashioned’ mentality of money grabbing. That is, going out with someone to take advantage of his pocket, instead of valuing the person himself. For some, status symbols are very important, more so, indeed, than real love and respect.

Of course, preferring someone who belongs to your same educational bracket is kind of understandable, as the person would be able to understand you better. However, basing a relationship on status and money, is just terribly sad, not to mention demeaning for both parties.

You can’t enjoy the benefits of equality, without going all the way.

As for me, of course I like it when my boyfriend treats me, be it by cooking me his delicious Indian-spiced chicken, giving me a rose, or paying for my cinema ticket, however I much prefer it when instead of showing that he loves me by ‘saying it with flowers’, he does so by plodding along with me through the obstacles of everyday life.

By being with me and holding my hand through it all, be it going somewhere boring, doing something he detests, or helping me solve a problem even though there is nothing in it for himself… just because he wants to see me happy, is great. And do you know something? That is exactly what I would do for him, too.