The Surprising Benefits of Late Night Snacking


We have all heard it before, “Late night snacking is bad for you!” It might be your mum, a concerned friend or any person you might have mentioned your late-night-snacking-habit to. However, surprising as it might seem, there are actually some benefits to be gained from late night eating.

Watch what you eat during day. Contrary to popular belief, eating late at night is not directly linked to weight gain. It all depends on the type of foods that you are consuming. In the evening, most people tend to eat food which is high in calories and low in nutrients and usually whilst watching television. These high calorie foods can take you over your recommended daily calorie intake and this can lead to residual weight gain. Having said that, if you do watch what you eat during the day and you control your late night portions, having late night snacks is still acceptable.

Gain the weight. If you are underweight and it is difficult for you to gain some weight, due to illness or a lack of appetite, getting in another small meal before bed can be beneficial. Try choosing a snack which is healthier option, but which is still tasty, such as nuts, avocado or cheese.

Build up muscle while you sleep. Leading an active life can have the greatest effect on how your body processes and metabolises food. Every time you exercise, your body is utilising the food that you have ingested. This means that the nutrients will be transformed to aid your body to recover from the stress of exercise. So, no matter what time of the day you exercise, do not skip out on food afterwards, even if it is late at night. Refuel your energy stores by consuming food, such as sweet potatoes or bananas. Such food items will help your body prepare itself for when you exercise again.

Increase your energy levels during the day. If you consume most calories in the evening, this can help you control your appetite during the rest of the day. Moreover, this could possibly lead to less food being consumed during the day which means that your body is working less to digest the food, making you more productive. Having more energy during the day, means that you are able to get more things done and don’t feel so weighed down as you would if you had eaten a big lunch.

So, next time you feel guilty when you are getting yourself a late meal, there is no need. Just remember to choose healthy food and to control your calorie intake.