Why are we so touchy about body hair?

I find men with hairy chests and beards rather attractive, but I go crazy the minute my legs start feeling prickly. Why though? What’s wrong with women having body hair? And should men groom theirs or should it be natural?

In a nutshell, what’s the big deal with body hair?



Well, let’s start with the facts:

Even when we’re still in the uterus, we have hair – and that includes us, women!

It can grow anywhere and everywhere, and it’s desirable or unwanted depending on the sex of the person and the era she or he lives in.

The major spurt of body hair comes at puberty, when hairs become connected to glands and become darker.

Some scientists believe that, when humans started shedding their fur, the level of fat in our BMI went up to keep us warm.

Body hair grows faster in the summer – just to make our lives harder.

Fun Fact: Some psychologists believe that the more body hair a person has, the smarter he or she is.

How do most people feel about body hair?

Most women like men to groom themselves, and expect the same level of commitment to keeping their body hair under control as most men expect from women.

Most women don’t feel comfortable having too much body hair, except in certain places.

Why do most people find it icky?

God knows! People have been trying to get rid of unwanted body hair since Ancient Babylonian times.



So why do we shave it?

It’s really a matter of taste at the time. For all we know, the 2214 September issue of Vogue may feature a woman with a beard – which will then make it the height of sophistication.

What should I do?

Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you’re a woman and you don’t mind having hairy armpits, then by Job do it. No person should dictate how you look.

Understand, however, that just like you are free to shave it or leave it, other people are also free to not like it.

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