One Step Ahead – Botox Fillers for the Feet


The music pounds, the crowd moves and jostles around you, your brain is fuzzy with alcohol and you are laughing and flirting while dancing non-stop.  In other words, you are having the time of your life. Except for one thing, your feet ache abominably. You totter about slowly in your perfectly gorgeous six inchers, trying to appear sexy and sophisticated, when you know that in reality, you just look like a drunk six year old on ice.

This makes the pain even harder to bear. Thoughts of your hurting feet take over your whole mind, spoil the whole evening, until finally, defeated, you either leave and go home, or else take off your shoes and go on running around in your bare feet, bereft of both poise and chick sophistication.

And things only get worse.

‘Stilettotarsal’ is a well-known medical condition affecting the balls of the feet, usually caused by years of wearing high heels. With time, the natural pad of fat which is to be found under the ball of the foot and which serves as a shock absorber between the bone and the outside world, becomes eroded. This results in muscles cramps, spasms, sore, swollen feet, not to mention pain.


Plumping fillers – the same kind that doctors inject into the face to add volume back, can help high heel wearers who just can’t lay off the stilettos and therefore have chronic foot pain. Normally, when you walk your weight is evenly distributed over the entire sole of the foot, but when you strap on heels, suddenly that weight all comes down over the ball of the feet.

While the ‘stiletto lift’ has been around for about five years, doctors have been reported to see an increase in requests for it over the last six to ten months, with professional women between the ages of 35 and 45 making up the bulk of those requesting the procedure.

Quoting Bob Dylan, ‘Behind every beauty, there is some kind of pain’, however, this strange new trend of injecting botox, collagen, or any other filler into the balls of the feet, has got women drooling at the thought of pain free high heels. Let’s face it, when we get older, our regenerative tissues become weaker and slower; collagen, which is a natural protein found in skin tissue, breaks down with age, which leads to loss of volume or flattening in the ball of the foot … and the issue gets worse when one considers that those sexy heels are only getting higher with time.

Those women who have decided to grit their teeth and continue choosing their high heels instead of more comfortable flats, especially older women whose image is also tied to their professional career, are finding this innovation not only interesting, but downright life saving.

But are dermal fillers really a step in the right direction? One must keep in mind that although this procedure is quick and easy, and the only side effects are tenderness of the feet which last less than 48 hours, the procedure itself is not cheap, and it is only a temporary reprieve. Cushioning the foot with external fillers lasts only about six to nine months, after which another treatment is needed.

In the end, this is a choice which every person should make according to their health and priorities, however it IS nice to know that one can drag out wearing heels as long as one wants and not have to relinquish that polished and smart look if one does not really want to.