Make Up All Day Long


It’s not easy to keep your makeup looking fresh all day long.  Your foundation moves around, your eye pencil runs, and your lip gloss disappears after your first cup of coffee.

That’s why I’m going to give you a few tricks that will help you look impeccable all day long.

Use a pre-base

Pre-bases make your foundation last all day and prevent shine. It is also ideal for people who perspire a lot or have oily skin, as it tends to close the pores so as to give a matt base for your foundation. Using this adds another step to your makeup routine, but it’s worth it.

Set your foundation with powder

You should set both your foundation and concealer with loose powder in the same shade as your foundation, or even better, translucent powder. This will help it set and it will last longer. Apply with a big powder brush and brush off any excess with a fan brush, so you will not get a cakey finished look.

Lipstick / lip gloss

Lip gloss does not have as much staying power as a lipstick. If you prefer the lip gloss shiny look, then apply a lipstick in the same colour, blot and then apply lip gloss over it. Be sure to apply a lip pencil to outline your lips to prevent lipstick bleeding.

Eye pencil

Eye pencil has to be set with eye shadow powder to avoid it smudging. Avoid black eye pencil in the water line in hot weather as this tends to smudge more and you will end up looking like a raccoon.

Touch up

Carry your lip gloss and a compact powder and powder your face every now and again, especially when you perspire or feel an oily shine. Never wipe your face with your hands, this will move your makeup. If you don’t have a compact powder with you, just blot with a clean tissue.

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