Halloween On A Budget


How To Not Leave Your Wallet Hollow On Halloween!

Halloween is an amazing opportunity to dress up and act a little crazy. However, it also ends up being quite expensive when you add up the costs of clothes, decorations, food and drink.

So how can you save, so that you don’t scare yourself the next time you look at your bank balance?

  1. Make your own costumes. This really isn’t difficult but may require some planning and purchasing beforehand. You can transform a bin bag into a cape, a witch’s dress or even a hat if you’re experimental enough.
  1. Make your own decorations with whatever is lying around the house. When I was younger, our parents would keep us occupied for HOURS by getting us to make paper chains from old newspapers, which they would then spray-painted gold. We kept them up right until New Year’s Day.
  1. Buy things either as early, or as late as possible. By Hallows Eve, most people already have their pumpkins, so you can often find the leftovers which have been massively reduced in price. However, shopping early gives you the greatest variation of costumes and sweets to choose from. You can judge the best approach on the type of shops you use.
  1. Try getting second hand clothes from a charity shop, or even swap with your friends. Both of these are virtually free and environmentally beneficial.
  1. Do your research carefully. Terrance Zepke, the author of ‘Happy Halloween!: Hundreds of Perfect Party Recipes, Delightful Decorating Ideas & Awesome Activities’, has a genius method of preserving pumpkins: coating the inside with petroleum jelly!
  1. Use what you already have. If one of your kids has a face-painting set, then transform them into their favourite animal. Alternatively, if they have a football shirt, they can be zombie football players. Just be imaginative and open-minded.
  1. Buy cheap sweets. This tip sounds obvious but so many seem to forget it: Or better yet, make them yourselves!
  1. Exchange things. Give away your children’s old toys as a replacement for sweets. This is healthy for the neighbours’ kids and acts as a clean-out for you!

Happy Halloween! Happy Saving!