Emotional Baggage

We are becoming used to slimming down what we fly with to take advantage of those budget flights with airlines.

We pay the price if we want to check in bags, we pay the price for every 1 kg when we are overweight, we pay the price if our hand baggage does not comply.

But once we let go of what we don’t need and we stay within the rules, we benefit by paying less and we benefit by not having to lug around unnecessary weight. New possibilities are open to us.

Wait a minute.

The same applies in life without physical possessions. Clearing out what we don’t need feels good and allows energy to flow.

What about our emotional baggage? This will be all those bad experiences we have accumulated and have not let go of. These could include sexual abuse as a child, rejection by a partner, parents arguing and splitting up, using children as pawns in a game, bullying, work situations, trouble with our boss or colleagues, feeling that sex can only be unsatisfying, peer pressure to do things against our will, etc. The list is endless.

Then what about the burden we carry around with us so often? That of being fearful. “What if I lose my job?” “Will I lose my home?” Will I find a partner?” “Will my partner leave me?” We are fearful about so many things. Also, are we attached to some hope or expectation which is unrealistic? “Will he change?” “Will she come back to me?” These are things that we carry around as emotional baggage.

Can you identity with anything else that drags you down and drains your energy?

The only place to live is in the present moment. Let go of any attachment to the past. Let go of any fears about the future. Jettison that baggage and travel light. That is freedom.

We let people control us, to enter into our space and if we don’t know how to set boundaries, or to say “NO”, or “YES”, we can be made to feel bad.

Conscious people want to improve and engage in self-development. We can work on our issues, or we can let them fester. We carry around the weight of those issues. There is a high price to pay for this excess baggage.

Is it time to start to let go of yours?