Five Beauty Products You Should Keep In The Fridge

Did you know that although the hot summer months are past us, some beauty products should still be refrigerated?

It’s funny, but it’s only in my forties that I have finally realised what a beacon of knowledge my mother is.

Growing up, she would teach me about how “pearls need to be worn to keep their lustre”, how “bread dough will rise faster if you place it under an apple tree”, and that “lip pencil should be placed in a fridge for half an hour before using.”

For years, I thought these were all old wives’ tales and folklore, but, hey, turns out some of them actually have a scientific basis!

A perfume’s biggest enemies are air, heat and light as they react with the scent and bring about a change its chemical formation – so, it’s quite safe to say that the bathroom is not the best place to store it. The fridge, meanwhile, provides a fresh and dark space that will elongate your perfume’s shelf life!

Nail polish (or ‘cutics’, as my grandmother used to call them) needs a cool ambience to keep its proper consistency; this is because most nail polish’s formulas will experience a reaction in high temperatures, thus turning thick and sticky. Rings a bell, doesn’t it?

Eye gels, particularly those ones with a metal ball at the tip, actually work better when they are cool. This is because the metal-ball tip will provide a cooling experience for your puffy eyes!

Toners should be kept in the fridge not because they go bad if you don’t, but because they feel so much better when you do! Don’t believe me? Place yours in the fridge overnight and see how refreshing it is in the morning!

Eye and lip pencils don’t need to be stored in a fridge, but they work better when they are refrigerated for thirty minutes or so before using. Why? Because this makes sure they are firm and do their job properly.

Do you know of any other beauty products that should be stored in a fridge? Let us know in the comments section below.