All At Sea!

Miguel Bonello, Anabelle Bonello Lowell, Mr and Mrs Malcolm A Lowell, Arabella Hogg, Malcolm R Lowell Vanessa Coleiro, Malcolm R Lowell Malcolm R Lowell, Alina, Arabella Hogg, Lisa Hladnik, Jan Stockhausen

As has become tradition, Edwards, Lowell Ltd celebrated the start of the Rolex Middle Sea Race with a fabulous party which was held on the Valletta Breakwater Bridge on 18th October.

In the beautiful weather, guests were treated to an exclusive nautical-themed party that celebrated the passion for the sea that this event has come to symbolise.

On the day, a nautical twist was woven into everything, from the beautiful fresh lemonade stand, to the blue-and-white striped decorations. Even the entertainment was given a seafaring theme, with a lively performance by the well-known Tikka Banda which played popular and upbeat naval numbers.

As always, the highlight was the start of the competition, when the Rolex Middle Sea Race’s many participants sailed through the Grand Harbour and past the Breakwater on their way out to the open sea.