Life Goes On


I agree that the subject I chose today is not a happy one, and yet death is an experience we all have to go through at one point or another. Whenever and however it happens, it is a change we are never really prepared for. We are unable to envisage our lives without our loved ones.

In the wake of a passing away, we should surely allow ourselves some time to grieve, but whether we like it or not, we must move on.  This grieving process is personal to each of us, and it also depends on the type of relationship we enjoyed with the deceased. There is no fixed time frame, and no specific method to overcome the pain; long or short, and as intense as necessary until we come to terms with reality.

As individuals, we experience unique emotions and express our inner pain differently.  Grief coaching can be of great help and helps the griever handle the feelings associated with death, such as an overwhelming sense of loss and unhappiness. The survivor will feel the encouragement and understanding to express his feelings within a professional and supportive environment.

Those around us will get on with their own lives, and as much as we would simply like to curl up with our pain and be left alone, we need to move on too. Indeed, time heals; we get accustomed to the absence and adapt our lives accordingly. Depending on the relationship with the departed, there are often also urgent practical issues to tackle. Grief coaching allows the survivor to bounce off certain practical possibilities and to choose an appropriate course of action. This is a necessary step in our personal growth.

Whereas our loved one may no longer be physically with us, his or her presence in our lives would have left an indelible mark in our hearts. We are able to close our eyes and cherish those special moments we had the opportunity to share. Yet, as the quote above explains all too well, a part of us dies with that person. Nothing and no-one can ever fill the void that he or she has left behind. One thing is for sure though: we were privileged to have this beautiful person in our lives for a number of years, and we will have him or her in our hearts and memories forever.