Edward Mercieca

Date of Birth: 24 Feb 1959

Where do you live: Maghtab

Status: Married

Star Sign: Pisces

Main occupation: Producer / Actor / Arts / Educator / Casting Director

Media-related occupation: Film actor and occasional radio and TV programs

For Edward Mercieca his involvement with television has been rather sporadic, but has definitely been very interesting and always fun. His first foray into TV was co-hosting Gejna Koppji with Claudette Pace many years ago. It made him realise what a commitment being involved with TV was. It was a very steep learning curve for him.

“You see, as an actor you always take on another character, hide behind it if you like, but with TV hosting, it’s YOU! It was a huge shock for me to be ME! I found it very difficult, but I learnt from two great TV pros, Claudette and Ray Calleja. Honestly, I paled into insignificance near them, but I enjoyed the experience and I learnt a lot. After that I don’t think I ever hosted again, until recently I kind of co-hosted once a week with my good mate and fellow actor, Steve Hili, on his breakfast show on the XFM. It was a total blast. Steve is the zaniest guy I have ever met and working with him is a roller coaster of fun! In between all that, I have acted in foreign films shot in Malta, which I find great fun and there are times when I find working on foreign productions here to be my preferred medium of work. Theatre, especially producing, can be extremely frustrating here in Malta, since the theatres here are run by amateur board directors who have little idea of how a professional theatre should be run”, explained Edward Mercieca in his introduction to this interview with Ramona Portelli.

Can you imagine your life without acting?

Not really, though I can imagine having breaks every now and then, or switching preferred medium. I certainly cannot imagine a life without theatre, however! So I might have a break from acting, but I would produce anyway.

What is it that you would never buy? And why?

A boat. Marika, my wife, cannot take the sea, so it would be pretty pointless!

Are you a good cook? If yes, what is it that you do really well?

I am a very good cook. I’m not that hot on desserts or pastry, but I am pretty good at roasts, fenek [the Maltese word for ‘rabbit’], sauces for pasta, oriental food, steak, salads and being generally creative in the kitchen when the larder is a bit on the lean side!

Do you collect anything?

Bass guitars! I’m a very part-time bass player and over the past ten years, I have been collecting bass guitars of note. I also have a collection of bass amps from tiny ones to absolutely massive stacks! I drive my family crazy playing along to Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, The Stones, ZZ Top, Grand Funk and all the rest at ear splitting volumes!! I’m still a kid at heart!!!

What’s your opinion about tattoos?  Do you own any?

I like subtle body art, but I hate it when tattoos cover huge areas of the body. No I don’t own any, but I would like to get a comedy and tragedy double mask! Maybe someday, if I am feeling brave!